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The Last Seminarian  by  R.M. DAmato

The Last Seminarian by R.M. DAmato
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The alien PPL from Cygnus because the planet was about to become non-existent, left & found the blue planet (blue spec). The cities were empty & only animals roamed the surface. The geographical times had not done much better for the planet. The time travelers had no one to speak with but themselves.Rico (90) was on medication because he had been exposed to carcinogenic poisons.

He lived in a retirement community. Veronica (Dr.) his daughter deceived him about the drug, & he lied to her about his erectile dysfunction medicine. She was on her 5th husband. The virus once dormant had been discovered in Egypt & was now going to run into an international epidemic.Bill had Rico via hover transferred to a safer company facility.

Was Bill really a mad scientist? Were human bodies controlled by computers (memory, holograms)? Rico filled out the proper forms & was met by Dr. Singh (female). He was put through some tests in which he could actually see (the other 4 senses)/travel though time. Flashbacks & reminiscing (Louis, Rico, Juan, Mike, Tony, Bill, Zack, Calvin, Chris, Tom) from youth/elderly age were quite frequent.

Life in a seminary (Father Clement, Father Larry, Father Siemens, Sister Rose, Father Tom, Father Aubrey, Brother Pat).A human inventor Bill had produced an anecdote for a mina to switch from reality (recorded events) into a virtual world. An alien programmer had uncovered the secret also.Will the priest be able to get the lapses out of the memories? Or will complete amnesia occur? How can the Seminarian guys return to earth from their space travel they volunteered for?Awesome book cover. A Catholic religious twist. Great story line, most of the time easy to read/follow, no grammar errors, or out of story line sequence, a few excellent unexpected twist/turns, a little diversity, history, religion & humor, & very unique & colorful, ornery characters.

Might even make a great scifi movie. It took me awhile to grasp, the complete story didn’t really pull together for me, so I will rate it at 4/5 stars.Thank you for the free bookTony Parsons MSW

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